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For Growers

The growers who founded Harris Woolf California Almonds instilled an understanding of the needs and concerns that are imperative to today’s almond growers. “Transparency” and “Honesty” are the foundation of our way of doing business with our Grower-Partners. We focus on grower satisfaction because we value each relationship and understand that they are our true customer.

The Grower Relations team at Harris Woolf focuses on developing year-round partnerships with all our growers. Providing industry leading prices and market options is only the beginning of what we do. We understand that identifying and working with our Grower-Partners to address the unique and increasing agronomic challenges facing their almonds TODAY will ultimately result in higher profits TOMORROW.

Our Grower Representatives are knowledgeable professionals, including licensed PCA’s (Pest Control Advisors) and CCA’s (Certified Crop Advisors) with over 30 years of combined retail and manufacturing experience. They are well-equipped to provide a treasure chest of valued added services and options custom designed to help growers solve their most difficult problems. Harris Woolf is committed to going the extra mile to ensure that our Grower-Partners are successful in developing, farming and marketing their crop.

Growers who choose Harris Woolf California Almonds for their Hulling/Shelling, Processing and Marketing needs truly have a competitive advantage.

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