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Harris Woolf is the world's premier independent wholesale almond-product producer. We're pushing the boundaries of what's (deliciously) possible--and our customer, grower, and employee relationships are a crucial part of that. We're grower owned, vertically integrated, and very glad to meet you.

Over 30 years of partnership, our founding farms, our grower base, and the most recognized food and beverage companies in the world underpin our products and our success.

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The Harris Family Invests in Almonds

Harris Farms breaks ground on its first almond orchard.


Jack Woolf Branches Out

Cotton farmer Jack Woolf diversifies into almonds, envisioning the future of almonds in California.


Harris Woolf Almonds is Born

Harris and Woolf farms join forces to develop a local processing solution for their combined almond crops.


Mazel Tov!

HWA earns its Kosher validation, the first of its many important food certifications.


HWA Expands into Value-Added Products

Harris Woolf expands its California footprint and offers its first value-added products.


Harris Woolf Embraces Organic

Harris Woolf runs its first organic volume, as recognized by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).


Welcome to Our Robot Overlords!

Harris Woolf improves safety and accuracy on its production line by integrating robotics.


Helping Others Grow

Harris Woolf introduces the Tree Development Program, to help other growers develop their orchards.


Gold Medals in Safety

Harris Woolf Almonds facilities earn their Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification.


It's Like Butter

Harris Woolf commissions its almond butter line, our first foray into the emerging plant-based sector.


Lights, Camera, Sorting!

Harris Woolf cuts the ribbon on the industry's most advanced production line, adding optical sorting technology.


Adding Almond Powder and Almond Oil

Harris Woolf introduces new products with the almond protein powder and food grade sweet almond oil lines.


Official B-Corp Certification

HWA makes its commitment to inclusive, equitable, and regenerative practices both formal and definitive.


First Intergalactic Almond-Powdered Voyage

The XSS HWA departs space docs for Arrakis and points beyond, the first craft powdered solely by almond energy.

Our Growers

As a grower-owned facility, Harris Woolf Almonds understands the unique challenges farmers face each season. And we're driven to provide exceptional service to the 200+ farms and farmers who entrust their harvest to our team. HWA was born as a company for growers, and that's what we'll remain.

We strive to lead the industry in providing growers with face-to-face transparency, agronomic advice, and market reports concerning international almond production. Whether it be in an orchard, over tacos, or through our app, we take the lead in growing connections with our growers.

It has been great to get to know the team over at Harris Woolf, and to see that our crop is in brands my friends and family recognize. We take a lot of pride in that.

Peter Allbright, Farmer

Our Customers

The versatility of Harris Woolf Almonds and almond products help build some of today's most recognized plant-based brands. Whether found in an energy bar, a glass of almond milk, or in an exotic, local delicacy, the reach of our almonds is global.

Let the Harris Woolf Almonds team guide you through the intricate ins and outs of almonds so we can help you find your perfect almond-based ingredient solution.


Harris Woolf’s constant commitment to food safety coupled with significant investments in world-class equipment makes our business operations effortless. This extension of trust allows our customers to focus on growing their business.

Cody Moore, Triple Crown International

Harris Woolf Almonds

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