Harris Woolf’s success is built on sustainability.

Success is built on sustainability. Over 95% of our growers have moved from traditional irrigation methods to sophisticated water-saving technologies. As we continue to adopt Ag-tech solutions, we move to the forefront of a more finely tuned almond industry. Because growing and processing almonds is an energy and resource intensive effort, HWA is committed to using less to produce more.


During February and March, bee keepers and their honey bees travel to California. It is the largest global movement of pollinators and transforms hundreds of billions of almond blossoms into hundreds of billions of almonds. Understandably, we care a lot about bees. We’re proud to support the Xerces society and Project Apis. To date, our grower base has the largest captive acreage of Bee Better Certified Almonds.


Water is the most essential input for a thriving almond industry. Our future depends on prioritizing creative ways to be more efficient with it, and we are committed to implementing new systems, both within our processing and orchards, to get the most per drop. We've adopted strategies to re-utilize waste water from our facilities to supplement the irrigation of almonds. Our suppliers also doubled down on water sustainability and have invested heavily in water flow monitors to better regulate water use.


Grower Showcase: Woolf Farming

Stringent resource planning is of critical importance for Woolf Farms. They’re constantly figuring out how to be a more resourceful and bio-dynamic farming operation. Through effective tracking technologies, Woolf Farming has drastically reduced the amount of tractor time needed to farm, resulting in a higher soil quality and a carbon offset of nearly 300,000 tons annually. That’s the equivalent of taking 53,000 cars off the road!



Food and Safety

Not only is food safety of paramount importance to Harris Woolf, it is also good for consumers and the environment. We offer comprehensive globally recognized safety plans throughout our facilities and continue to move the needle in maintaining a more traceable almond supply chain. It’s why we’re investing so heavily in optical sorting and employee training: because smart, preemptive measures lead to less waste and happier customers.


Harris Woolf Almonds

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