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Superior almond ingredients for exceptional products and innovations.


Our sustainably grown, extra delicious almond ingredients can be customized to meet unique specifications and produced using organic and conventional methods. Partner with Harris Woolf to give your products a halo of unmatched flavor, functionality, performance, and texture.

Our Story

Our roots run deep in the almond industry, serving businesses worldwide for over three decades, from entrepreneurs and chefs to global CPG brands.

As an independent, grower-owned, and vertically integrated almond processor, we can guarantee the safety and quality of our products, the sustainability of our methods, and the durability of our supply chains; all while meeting our customers’ unique needs and delivering a hands-on, personalized business experience.


We use almond ingredients to develop and scale winning formulations for a growing variety of product and foodservice applications.


Natural and manufactured almonds, almond paste, and almond protein powder are used for an ever growing number of food product applications. Almonds are for all hours of the day, from nutrition bars or trail mix in the morning to cookies and chocolates for dessert.

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Since the 80's, Harris Woolf has been committed to finding new and sustainable ways to produce more using less. From our growers to our almond processing facilities, sustainability is integrated into everything we do.

The Highest Standards FOOD QUALITY & SAFETY

Heavy investment in optical sorting, employee training, and high-tech processing methods allows our team to ensure traceability and clean end products. Manufacturers demand reliable, simple, and high-quality products. The HWA team can meet this demand with Kosher, Non-GMO, SQF Certified, and Halal almonds.

Shared Values, Shared Success

"Danone North America is proud to work with Harris Woolf Almonds across our plant-based offerings. Harris Woolf works to cultivate a true partnership between our organizations. The team helps us serve our customers reliably, and they’re collaborative in helping us achieve other corporate objectives and prioritization of sustainability through our Danone Impact Journey. As a Certified B Corp, it’s important that we partner with organizations that align with our mission and values, and Harris Woolf is a great example of a strong partnership in action."
Danone North America