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Almond Ingredients FOR PET FOODS

From delightful dog treats to supportive pet supplements, almond paste and protein powder offer exciting possibilities for pet food and treat formulators.
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Inspiration for Almond-Based Pet Foods

Specialty Pet Foods

Cater to pets with specific dietary needs by incorporating almond paste and almond protein powder into specialty pet foods
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Inspiration for Almond-Based Pet Foods

Health Supplements

Almond protein powder is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E and calcium and delivers a protein boost without added fat – ideal for senior pets or those needing extra support.
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Inspiration for Almond-Based Pet Foods

Pet Treats

Almond paste adds a creamy texture and protein boost to pet treats, making them tastier and more nutritious.


We use almond ingredients to develop and scale winning formulations for a growing variety of product and foodservice applications.

Almond Paste

Our almond paste delivers a smooth, creamy texture and a delightful nutty taste to pet treats and food. The healthy fats, high protein content, and essential vitamins in almond paste significantly enhance the nutritional profile of your products, making every bite beneficial for pet health.

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Let’s Discuss Game-Changing Almond Ingredient Solutions for your Business!

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Ingredient Innovation

 Innovate with almond ingredient experts to develop winning formulations.

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Customize our superior products to meet your unique product specifications.

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Scaling with HWA

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"Working with HWA you feel their passion for superior products and quality. They view success as parallel with our success as customers- truly a great organization from the top down."
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