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Almond Paste / Butter

Harris Woolf is a global leader in the production of almond butter and paste, a key ingredient solution with broad utility in confections, natural foods, non-dairy products, and throughout the food & beverage industry.

HWA almond paste is produced on a state-of-the-art line, where it is tailored to meet the unique needs of your enterprise. Improve the formulation of a current product or discover a key ingredient for something new with almond paste.

A Versatile Ingredient

With healthy fats, a high protein content, vitamins, and a delicious almond flavor, almond paste can provide a wide range of benefits to your product. From the orchard to the table, Harris Woolf Almonds consistently maintains these benefits with a production process that ensures a smooth texture, a clean taste, and the highest level of nutritional value.

The unique qualities of almonds allow almond paste to act as a key ingredient in a variety of applications. It can be a crucial component of non-dairy products including milk, ice cream, and yogurt. It elevates baked goods and fillings. It is commonly used for confectionery, in chocolates, marzipan, and more. The possibilities for chefs, R&D specialists, buyers, and health and wellness brands are endless with almond paste.