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Grower Spotlight

October 25, 2022

2022 Quarterly Spotlight- Our Growers

Throughout 2022, these spotlight posts have shared information about the stakeholders that Harris Woolf Almonds keeps in mind when taking any action or making any decision. We’ve focused posts on our employees, our community, and the environment. Now, to wrap up the series, we want to celebrate the last remaining major shareholder group — HWA growers.

What makes our grower base exceptional?

HWA’s network of growers consists of those that operate approximately 200 farms across California — from Glenn County in the north to Kern County in the south. These farms range in size from small hobby farms to large-scale family farming operations. Regardless of their size or acreage, though, one thing that they share is making sustainability a priority.

Sustainable farming allows our growers to maintain productive, healthy land while maximizing their harvest. It’s smart and conscientious — like HWA growers.

As seen in the video below, almond farmers such as Stuart Woolf of Woolf Farming, use sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices because it’s a great way to be a good steward to the land they depend on. Most HWA growers utilize water-saving technologies such as drip irrigation in their orchards. Some of our growers plant cover crops, too, which help the soil retain water and nutrients.

Through a recent collaboration with Pollinator Partnership, our growers have also increased the planting of pollinator habitats around their almond orchards. These habitats entice native pollinators, such as bees, to orchards. They provide them with energy and sustenance and the pollinators, in turn, help increase the orchard’s yield.

How does HWA support growers?

Our growers have access to HWA’s industry-leading grower relations team, one that provides the utmost transparency and up-to-date reporting on the market. Further, HWA coordinates opportunities for our growers, including providing access to pollinator habitat seeds. We also incentivize HWA growers to participate in sustainable farming practices for everyone’s benefit.

As a commitment to sustainable practices, we pledge that by 2025, 75% of our grower acreage will be Bee Friendly Farming Certified and participate in the California Almond Stewardship Platform (CASP).

Check out this video from our partners at Silk to learn more about Woolf Farming and grower sustainability:

Video link:
We hope you enjoyed these 2022 quarterly spotlights. Stay tuned to hear about the exciting developments coming in 2023!