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Sweet Almond Oil

Unlike most almond oils, HWA unrefined sweet almond oil is wholly made from 100% food-grade, single-source almonds that can be traced right back to the farm. The production process of this natural ingredient sets a new bar for transparency. If sustainability, quality, and exceptional flavor are crucial to you and your customers, Harris Woolf Almonds has the answer.

High-Quality Ingredients Create Valuable Products

Almonds act as a nutrient-rich ingredient and can be transformed into a variety of forms including almond oil. Sweet almond oil is a resourceful product and can be utilized in both culinary and cosmetic settings. It even holds innovative medicinal properties.

Whether you're advancing a current product line or investigating a new formulation, almond oil can prove to be a valuable part of your end product. Harris Woolf Almonds produces the highest-quality almond oil for a clean, reliable ingredient solution.