Almond Opportunities: Blanched Almond Butter

Harris Woolf Almonds offers clean, quality almond butter ingredients to a variety of customers. The versatility of almond butter is unmatched, and our team takes advantage of its many variations by offering custom-processed solutions like blanched almond butter. To find your organization’s perfect paste solution, consider the difference between our blanched and regular almond butter offerings.

Blanched vs Regular Almond Butter: Which is Right for You?

To develop our blanched offering, our team uses a process that boils and cools our California almonds, allowing the skins to be easily peeled off. The blanched almonds are then milled into a paste with a state-of-the-art hydraulic press. The result is a blanched almond paste that is a lighter color with a smoother texture. With the bitterness of the almond skins removed, blanched paste tends to be slightly sweeter in taste, however, this taste is not likely to be noticeable. Considering the performance, functionality, and health benefits are the same, the main difference and deciding point between blanched and unblanched almond butter comes down to a preference for how the ingredient looks.

Both are valuable additions to a variety of recipes, but one might suit the goals of your end product slightly better. No matter what product in mind, our team can help you find the perfect almond solution.