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Almond Opportunities: Almond Slices

A versatile ingredient solution to add texture, flavor, and nutrition to your products, almond slices can be used in a variety of applications. With HWA’s wide-reaching access to numerous cultivars and sizes, as well as our expertise in meeting your custom specifications, we are ready to offer high-quality sliced almonds to elevate snacks, cookies, pastries, ice cream, salads, cakes, and more.

Sliced Almonds Through Gold Hills Nut Company

Expanding our almond expertise, we now offer a sliced almond ingredient solution through our historic brand, Gold Hills Nuts.

Based in Ballico, California, Gold Hills Nut Company is a leading manufacturer in the almond industry. Their rich history dates back to 1989. This family-owned company quickly established its authority and expertise in almonds. They specialize in the production of manufactured almond products, offering state-of-the-art processing techniques, including slicing, that ensure a consistent and reliable ingredient solution. With the combination of Harris Woolf Almonds’ high-quality natural almonds and Gold Hills Nut’s advanced processing, we are able to offer a superior sliced almond product to a variety of manufacturers.