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Almond Opportunities: Chopped Almonds

Chopped almonds are a tasty and nutritious ingredient utilized in a variety of food products. From baked goods to packaged snacks, cereals, salads, and more, the possibilities are endless with a high-quality chopped almond solution.

Chopped Almonds Through Gold Hills Nut Company

At Harris Woolf Almonds we are constantly expanding our almond expertise and offerings. Our historic brand, Gold Hills Nuts is helping us do just that with custom-processed almond ingredients.

Based in Ballico, California, Gold Hills Nut Company is a leading manufacturer in the almond industry. Their rich history dates back to 1989. This family-owned company quickly established its authority and expertise in almonds. They specialize in the production of manufactured almond products, offering state-of-the-art processing techniques, including chopping, that ensure a consistent and reliable ingredient solution. With the combination of our high-quality natural almonds and Gold Hills Nut’s advanced chopping, we are able to offer a superior chopped almond product to a variety of manufacturers.